Dear students and teachers,
We would like to inform you about the ALIVE APP mobile application for ISIC, ALIVE and ITIC card holders. Users can view their digital ID, all discounts, competitions and their travel insurance in the app. The digital version of the card is valid both in transport and at discount providers. Students, teachers and school staff will always have their card and all its benefits at hand. The ISIC/ALIVE/ITIC card can be applied for through the Czech Study Department of VŠKK.

Application for ISIC card

Instructions for applying


Renewal of the validity of the cards

With the advancing digitization of the card, we are ready to stop sticking paper revalidation stamps when extending the validity of the cards. From July 7 th , the extension of the validity of the cards will be dealt with only by ordering in the ISIC system. When visiting the Study Department, the student pays (by credit card) 250 Kč. Then the study assistant electronically extends the validity in the system. After approval, the card holder will immediately be affected by the new validity in the digital version of the card (Alive App). To be sure, we note that digital versions of the cards are fully accepted by all providers of discounts and benefits, including providers and organizers of public transport.

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