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Zuzana’s Bio:
As someone born in a small town, I have always longed for a big world. For me, such a world represented Prague where I completed my university studies, however, I wanted to see and feel more: Europe, USA, China, India, Morocco, Peru, Bolivia, Sri Lanka – you name it! I lived in Oxford for a few years while serving as Head of the Department of Czech at the Oxford University. Later, I lived in New York for a year as a visiting scholar at Columbia University. After experiencing different
corners of the world, Prague, the city I deeply fell in love with, was calling me back and I decided to settled down. I have two curly daughters (and one curly dog). I read, write articles and books and lecture – my whole life is about literature and I wouldn’t change it a single bit! When you find love, why would you?

Karolina’s Bio:
Growing up in the big city of London, there was never a lack of diversity and creative energy! However, it was important to leave the comfort of my home and establish a tight-net, more intimate community of like-minded creatives. Having completed my Bachelor degree in the tiny city of Canterbury, I wanted to experience a new life abroad – and a new life certainly brought on new opportunities! Moving to Prague was one of the most exciting and challenging transitions in my life, enabling growth, confidence, independence, and a realization that I can do anything I set my mind to do. After completing my Master degree, specializing in performance art in Prague, I began to exhibit my performances internationally in countries like Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary and of course, Czech Republic. For me, performance is a way to connect and communicate with the audience, and just as performance invigorated my passion for the arts, it also invigorated my love of community and bringing people closer together.

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