Nostrification guide and application form

Nostrification Guide

  1. Make sure your documents can be recognised: Recognised documents include: Foreign school documents/certificates/diplomas proving the completion of the secondary or tertiary education. This must be obtained in the school of your country of origin and legalized in your home country.
  2. Required documents for submission:
    1. Completed application form
    2. Certified copy of legalized foreign school diploma (This must NOT be the original diploma, only a copy of the original diploma that was legalized in your home country.
    This document must also be translated into Czech language by Czech court interpreter and certified by the Czech notary).
    List of Notaries:
    List of interpreters:$$SearchForm?OpenForm&Seq=1#_RefreshKW_select_5
    3. Legalized list of your ALL of your school subjects you studied and the hours of study for each subject (This can be in the form of a school curriculum certified by the school, which indicates each subject and how many hours they were given. This must also be translated into Czech and certified by the Czech notary).
    4. Proof of payment of the administrative fee of 1000 CZK. (This is to be done in cash at the corresponding office, and must be the exact amount).
    5. Your Passport or ID card
    6. Proof of a place of stay in the Czech Republic (If you do not have residency in CZ while applying for nostrification, you must contact the Ministry of Education: who will determine a regional authority that will be responsible for your application).
  3. Submit your application: The easiest and surest way to do this is to appear in person at your designated regional authority office.
  4. Await for the result: The time given for the processing of the documents is 30 days.



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