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Dates of admission:

15. 12. 2023
19. 1. 2024
9. 2. 2024
8. 3. 2024
19. 4. 2024
17. 5. 2024
7. 6. 2024
12. 7. 2024
16. 8. 2024
6. 9. 2024
20. 9. 2024

The application fee is 75 EUR.

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The admission interview:

Admissions interviews will be held online and are expected to follow the subject-specific timetable. You’ll be contacted by our study department with the details.

Don’t be afraid, admissions interview are really just conversations about your chosen subject with someone who knows a lot about it. We will discuss the creative part and then we move to the details of your chosen programme.

  • Please, before the interview, provide a motivation letter/personal letter to support your application. The crucial part of the interview will deal with your realized and/or planned works. Before the interview, please send our Admissions Comittee samples of your
    work – anything that convince us that you are really suitable for studying at the Prague School of Creative Communication and that the school is suitable for you. We’d like to know more about you so we’ll also ask about your favorite books, films, personalities that inspire you, visited exhibitions, events, etc. We recommend that you prepare a list of them. You can also expect questions from the field of cultural-historical-political events of the 20 th century.

Creative Marketing and Communication: Present your (unrealized) projects that will prove your organizational skills (promotional events, including photo documentation, examples of advertising). Provide a representative portfolio of your ideas.

Visual Arts: a representative (electronic or printed) portfolio of your artwork (drawing, graphics, photography, video, animation)

Creative Writing: a creative text (2-3 pages) of any genre


We’ll get back to you with the results the next day by email. However, after admissions selection, results are posted in your account here:  University Information System (UIS) . Admitted means that you’ve been offered a place in the course or programme. Please, sign the Electronic Confirmation in UIS within the five days. Also, choose the type of tuition payment.

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