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PSCC, proud to be a part
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with more than 25 years
of teaching experience.

The University of Creative Communication was founded 10 years ago. Very soon it became a leading institution in Prague and also in Central Europe, instructing outstanding students in the field of advertising, visual arts, and creative writing. Today the university has more than 600 hundred students from all over the world. While situated in the heart of Prague, we speak your language – for those who do not speak Czech, we’re very pleased to open up our BA programmes entirely in English.

The Prague School of Creative Communication is a university where every course is taught in English. You’ll benefit from our longstanding experience in educating talented people in the creative industries. At the Prague School of Creative Communication, you’ll not only study history and theory but also work with real contracts in international agencies. Our teachers have a wide range of experience, either in the academic world (e.g., Oxford University, Columbia University) or as marketers, designers, and writers. You’ll enjoy the same academic standard you’d find at prestigious universities abroad but our tuition fees are much lower.

The Prague School of Creative Communication is a centre of creative industry in Prague. We’ll help you to build a strong portfolio and secure important contacts for your future career. Our alumni often join international agencies. More than 80% of our students are employed within 6 months of completing their studies. Choose either Creative Marketing and Management; Visuals Arts or Creative Writing, we’ll prepare you perfectly for a career in the creative industries. Come study in Prague, a city with everything you need. We’re ready to prepare you for your future success.

Dear students
Education is often seen as a weapon that can change the world. I personally believe the right university can change you as a starting point. It can give you knowledge, strength, and confidence. At Oxford University, when I was head of a department, my colleague and I not only shared facts and information but gave our students tools how to think. I spent a long time at universities in the UK and in the USA and they all apply this basic and important tenet: be a guide for students’ minds. While a visiting scholar at Columbia University, I was thrilled to see energetic, young people in thought-provoking discussions with their professors. I’m delighted to be leading this school where you’ll experience such world class standards of education. In Central Europe, there is no other school like the Prague School of Creative Communication that combines history and theory with real-world contracts in the creative industries. Join us on our exciting journey of new ideas. I warmly welcome you to our university – your new family, and I wish you all the best in your studies.

Dr Zuzana Říhová




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