What materials do I need to send to support my application?
Creative writing:
A letter of motivation (1 page)
Creative Writing text

Marketing and Visual Arts:
A letter of motivation (1 page)

Is the university able to assist me in finding accommodation in Prague?
Yes! We are absolutely available to help by connecting you with our collaborative student housing team, The Fizz. As a private university, we are also able to help you personally find suitable accommodation if you are looking for something privately.

What is the difference between the tuition payment options, and how do I know which
one is right for me?
We have 3 options: Basic, Smart and Premium. The Basic tuition covers your fundamental study here at PCSS, including all lectures, seminars and exams. With the Smart option you are able to change your specialization free of charge within one year, have more flexibility with exam dates and receive free language courses in both English and Czech. The Premium option allows you to study 2 specializations, have individual consultations with your professors that are tailored to you and, in the necessary case, repeat the academic year for a 50% discounted price.

If you are a student who prefers flexibility and would love to expand your English/Czech skills – The Smart is for you! If you are torn between specializations and need some extra time with a more personalised approach to your study – the Premium is for you!

How big are the classes?
We have a maximum capacity between 25-30 students in total for our Bachelor programmes in English. Each class can be up to 10. We prefer to keep our classes smaller in order to build stronger relationships with our students and have the ability to guide them on a more personal level.

How many semesters are there in total?
There are 6 semesters in total (2 for each academic year).

I am interested in more than one specialization and cannot choose which one I should
apply for. What should I do?
We encourage applicants to apply for both specializations separately, and submit a separate portfolio/creative text for each. This way, our interview committee will be able to understand your working process and guide you on which programme they think would best suit your individual approach.

When does the semester start?
The semester will begin in September 2022 with classes officially starting on Monday 3 rd October 2022.

What are the admission interview dates and how long do they last?
8. 4., 29. 4., 10. 6., 28. 6., 2. 9., 23. 9. 2022 Interviews last 15 minutes and are conducted online via the ZOOM platform.

After the interview, when will I know if I have been accepted to study at PSCC?
We will send you a follow up email with our decision 3 days after the interview date!

How do I get my high school diploma nostrified to study in the Czech Republic?
Upon the acceptance into our university, you will receive a detailed nostrification guide, which will include step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. We will also send you a list of the documents you need to prepare and will even assist you personally at the corresponding offices here in Prague!

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