Mgr. Freddie Hudson



Mgr. Freddie Hudson



Vyučované předměty

Culture of Written and Spoken Language, English for Academic Purposes

Career history

– International PR and Communications for Lunchmeat Festival
– Freelance writer for musicians, record labels and SEO clients
– Lecturer in the English language and Creative Writing sphere

Professional orientation

Mr Hudson is an Lecturer and professional with extensive experience in editorial work, account management, search engine optimization, and communications. His strong command of written and spoken English has been seen throughout his roles as Deputy Editor at Inverted Audio and Account Manager at Greenlight Digital. With a background in English Language and Linguistics, he has expanded the coverage of Inverted Audio and worked with clients such as Currys PCWorld in the UK. He has also excelled in social media and communications as the lead at Noise Kitchen and as the International PR and Communications lead for Prague’s prestigious Lunchmeat Festival.

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